Islam and the Humanities

Faiz Ahmed

An ‘Islamic’ Rule of Law in Afghanistan? The Case of the Nizamnama Reforms of Amir Amanullah Khan, 1919-1926

Nathan Brown

Islam and Constitutionalism in the Arab World: The Puzzling Course of Islamic Inflation

Guy Burak

The Ottoman Introduction of the Kanun to the Arabic-Speaking Middle East

Kristin Diwan

Islamic Development and Islamist Politics:The Revival of Awqaf in Kuwait

Beshara Doumani

Husayn’s and Abd al-Wahid’s Designs: The Waqf as a Family Charter

Mahmoud El-Gamal

Bread (Rawls) + Freedom (Sen) = Social Justice? Religion and Economics in the Egyptian Spring

Boğaç Ergene

Law and Legal Change in a Period of Flux in Ottoman History (17th and 18th Centuries)

Mohammad Fadel

Is There a Conception of the Political in Sunnī Fiqh? A Bottom-Up Approach

Timur Kuran

Institutional Roots of Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East: Political Legacies of the Islamic Waqf

Brinkley Messick

The Shari’a Archive

Ruth Miller

Bacterial, Computational, and Cloned Life? The Ottoman-Islamic Law and Politics of Nonhuman Vitality

Martha Mundy

Arendtian Triad (or Degrees of Freedom: Against ‘Islamic Law’)

Maya Shatzmiller

Women’s Property Rights in Islamic Law: Their Origins in the Economy, Significance and Impact

William Smiley

Legitimation, Legal Advice, and Statecraft: The Şeyhülislam and the Ottoman Law of Rebellion, 1769-1830

Kristen Stilt

Constitutionalizing Animals