Islam and the Humanities

Conference 2018

Helge Jordheim

Professor of Cultural History and Museology, University of Oslo, Norway

Helge Jordheim is professor of cultural history at the University of Oslo, Norway. He has been Academic Director of the cross-disciplinary research program KULTRANS-Cultural Transformations in the Age of Globalization at the same university. 2015-2016 he was a visiting professor at New York University. Jordheim has a PhD in German literature and has published widely on politics and literature in the eighteenth century. Since then he has moved into the field of conceptual history, exploring concepts like empire, civilization, and world. In the last few years, his main interest has been time and temporality, especially how to think about times in plural, multiple temporalities, which he has explored in several influential essays. At present, he is writing a book on ideas and practices of synchronization in European historiography, cartography, and encyclopedias, from the 17th century and onwards.