Islam and the Humanities

Conference 2019

Amir Moosavi

Rutgers University, Newark

Amir Moosavi is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of English at Rutgers University—Newark. He holds a PhD in Middle East and Islamic Studies from NYU. Prior to Rutgers, he was Visiting Professor of Modern Iranian Studies at Brown University (2017-18) and a postdoctoral fellow at the EUME Program in Berlin (2016-17). His research and teaching interests include modern Arabic and Persian literatures, with an emphasis on Iran, Iraq, the Levant, and Afghanistan, as well as the cultural history of the modern Middle East. At present, his primary research project is a book manuscript entitled, Dust That Never Settled: Afterlives of the Iran-Iraq War in Arabic and Persian Literatures. The book argues for the expansion of comparative literary and cultural studies across the Arabic and Persian linguistic spheres based on the common experience of war and the responses of writers to it since 1980. Additionally, he is working on two other major research projects. The first is a co-edited volume on sensory readings of Persian literature. The second is a book-length project dealing with cultural reflections of the political left’s disenchantment and the rise of Islamism and neoliberalism in the late 1970s and 1980s in the Arab and Persianate worlds.

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